~5 minutes of high-speed narrative parenting


Controls - WASD

Honk - Space



  • Honking
  • Embarassable 'Husband James'
  • Collectible Homebrew Tarot cards
  • Novelty mirror dice
  • Delicious Chinese food
  • Bangin' OST
  • Prophetic milk mural??
  • Angst tunnel???
  • Nature vs. Nurture vs. 1.5 tonnes of speeding metal


Game and Arts by James McDonnnnnellll - https://computerjames.itch.io/

Music by Josh Reichental  - instagram.com/joshreichental


Made for Pizza Jam #8

Based on the theme: Go! Fast! The Boy Is Bad?!

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
Tagsartgame, First-Person, Narrative, Pixel Art, Short, storygame


DASHCAM- Windows.zip 96 MB


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Quick, funny game with some great dialogue. Well worth a play for a few laughs and controls are responsive enough that moving around isn't too much of a  chore. 

Only complaint I'd have is that the screen gets cluttered very quickly in the milk tunnel, making it hard to actually see the mural.

My Psyche is so TWISTED i didn''t even think that was the evil gene, to me it was just gene. EVIL SHMIAM OUT OF THIS BIATCH. peace



Nice! My car flipped in the gymnasium :D


super funnny




This is a little miracle, bless you Computed James

Fun game

this was certainly a game